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Supplemental Income
Did you know you can add a supplemental income to your retirement even if you have a job retirement plan, 401k, social security or anything else. What will you do with this extra money?
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Final Expense Protection
Don't buy final expense insurance . . .
until you read this. Did you know that some final expense policies expire when you turn 80? Did you know that some policies don't become fully funded for the first two years? Did you know that some policies increase the monthly premiums? What good is a final expense policy that 'builds cash value' when you're over age 65, only to use that cash value build up to reduce the amount of money the insurance company really pays your family? Be sure to get all the facts before you buy.
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17 Secrets
TOP SECRET - Confidential - 17 Secrets the insurance industry does not want you to know. It's your money. Protect it. Ever seen a poor casino or poor insurance company. What don't you know ??? Find out here.
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What People Say
You don't have to take our word for it. Read what others say. We're here to help you 'Get the Right Insurance'. We've never met anyone who had perfect insurance coverage. Do you think you do? And, we don't sell insurance. Our folks buy the insurance that they need. Big difference. It's all about you and protecting your hard earned money.
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Tired of looking for the right insurance?
"It costs nothing to use their services, but can cost you a whole lot not to!"

Stephanie C.
Costa Mesa, CA
"Someone asked me: If you were turning 65 tomorrow ... How would you set up your Medicare? That bothered me alot. I was happy to find out that the nice folks at Insurance Made Easy made the whole process understandable & easy."

Frank K.
San Diego, CA
"We were not in a hurry to talk about our final expenses, but after talking to our children and thinking about the impact it might have on their families, we decided to look into it. We discovered alot of potential pitfalls if you choose the wrong plan. Our friends told us about the Insurance Made Easy people. They were friendly and helpful. They did not rush us to pick a plan. After we discussed all of our concerns we found the policy that was just right for us. We would recommended the nice people at Insurance Made Easy to anyone. They'll let you take your time and pick the coverage that you need."

Julie & Jim M.
Ontario, CA
"We wanted life insurance on both of us. Insurance Made Easy got us a great policy that fit into our budget. We no longer have to worry about protecting our family in case the unthinkable happens. Thank you!"

Karen & Bob W.
Huntington Beach, CA
Supplemental Retirement Income
What if you could find an insurance policy that:
1. Gives you all your money back
2. Provides immediate family protection
3. Provides you a 100% tax-free income for life

You just did.
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Insurance Made Easy!
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"17 Secrets the insurance industry does not want you to know"
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