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Mike Combe - Independent Insurance Agent
Affordable Burial Life Insurance
Save Money, Full Coverage
Here's Why:
Beware of:

* Policies that expires at the age of 80, and coverage ends.

* Policies that use whole life insurance, so the premiums are higher.

* Policies that require invasive medical screening.

* Policies that increase premium rates due to medical conditions.

* Policies that have low coverage amounts.

* Policies that don't have sufficient coverage amounts.

* Policies that deny you coverage.

* We'll find the best policy for you

Be Sure You Get:
$2,500 – $100,000 in coverage

No Medical Exam

Guaranteed Issue

Typically issued either immediately, or within 48 hours

Premiums will never increase

Money-back Guarantee

Affordable Coverage

Excellent Customer Service

One phone call claim

Beneficiaries can use proceeds for any purpose, tax-free
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