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Find out how you can get more coverage for less money. We'll do your 3 Year Insurance Review and make sure you're getting the best coverage & the best price. My service is free to you and will not cost you anything.
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Whole Life - Did you know... If you have a $100,000 whole life policy with at $95,000 built up cash value that if you pass away the insurance company will only pay $5,000? Your beneficiaries will get the full $100,000 policy face value, but $95,000 will come from your built up cash value and the insurance company will only have to pay $5,000 from their pockets. Essentially, you're self-insured and the money comes from your long earned savings and the insurance company gets off only paying a small amount. Be sure to do your 3 Year Insurance Review so you know what kind of protection you really have.
Term Insurance - Did you know... You can probably sell your term life policy for cash? Instead of letting it go or letting it term out, check to see if you can sell it for cash. It's free to find out. Give us a call.
Medicare Supplement - Did you know... If you have a Medicare Supplement that you can go to virtually any doctor, any hospital and can self-refer yourself to any specialist? Unlike Medicare Advantage programs, a Medicare Supplement is good anywhere in the USA. So travel away and don't worry if you need medical assistance. Find out which Medicare Supplement is right for you. Give us a call.
Affordable Burial Insurance - Did you know... That not all final expense policies are created equal? Make sure you get the right coverage for the right price. Check your Bill of Rights. Give us a call & we'll help you.
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